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Tips for tourists

Dear Tourist,

We often get questions from people planning to visit Denmark. Mostly they want to know where to eat and where to buy gluten-free products.


Unfortunately we don't have an updated list of restaurants. We advise you to call the cafe/restaurant ahead of your visit and ask if they serve gluten-free food. By law the restaurants are obliged to tell if the food contains allergens if asked. You can always ask of places to eat in the Facebook group "Cøliaki i Danmark".


Most supermarkets sell gluten-free products, they will either be labeled with the crossed grain symbol, "Glutenfri" or "Fri for gluten". By law the producers have to highlight on the list of ingredients if a product contains allergens. If the product contains gluten it will be listed: "hvede", "byg", "havre" or "rug".

Click here to see a list of the most common products from the supermarkets that contain or might contain gluten, but ALWAYS check the list of ingredients, even if the product seems identically with what you are used to at home.


We hope you have a great time in Denmark!